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Bicycle Routes and Touring

Detailed descriptions of Colorado mountain passes plus some interesting non-pass rides.

View detailed on-line pictures and descriptions and/or read and download handy two to four page PDF summaries of most paved Rocky Mountain passes in Colorado. Also, get descriptions of and learn of the various bicycle routes planned by some of the leading tour groups.


Ride The Rockies

Unfortunately, the RTR was cancelled for 2020 because of the pandemic. The ride is expected to return in 2021 and the route is planned to be a Durango Loop: Durango to Cortez to Norwood to a loop around Ridgway and finally, a three pass day back to Durango. The San Jaun's are spectacular and there look to be some new roads taken. It should be a good ride.

Cottonwood Pass

Cottonwood Pass construction is complete and the east side is completed repaved and smooth as silk. The West side has also been paved to Taylop Park and is smooth and wide open. A few of the hair pins have been removed and a brand new rest area/rest room has been built lust below the summit. I've riden out and backs twice here and love it. Beuna Vista seems ready and willing to accept people back after our little shutdown. Just wear a mask in public places. It's good for you, good for others, and good to get our ecomony rolling again. Oh, and it's it law for at least the rest of the summer.

Day and Weekend Trips

I've been rearranging this site a bit by adding a one to three day loop tour and route page. For Colorado rides, I've added some loop rides, and am developing more, to this page. I've also moved Arizona, Minnesota, Wisconson, California, and Utah loop rides and tours from the Routes page (now renamed Cycling Passes) to the Day Trips page. By doing this, I can highlight riding the Colorado Passes on one page and then the other loop rides on the day trip page. Note, the Utah and California rides are multi-day tours of The Pacific Coast Highway in Northern California and a tour of Southern Utah.

Final Note:

This site is most comprehensive for Colorado. I have one more paved pass to add (Cameron Pass) that I somehow missed and will do that shortly. However, this area has been ravaged by the fall 2020 forest fires: Cameron Peak Fire and East Troublesome fire. Any pictures I post are pre-2020. Cameron Pass, east of Gould, west of Fort Collins, was a beautiful pass and I'm sure it will be sad to see devistation and impact on the people living there.