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Colorado Bicycle Routes and Mountain Passes

Detailed Colorado pass information for bicycling

The information found on the following pages is intended to help you understand what to expect when climbing one of Colorado's great mountain passes. The information is free and is based on my experiences riding these roads. You can download PDF files (size is from 5 to 7 meg) for most passes (I am adding more) or view virtually the same information on web pages.

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Note on Difficulty: Easy is used as a relative term when compared to other Colorado passes. While some people can do an "easy" pass with no training, if you are not used to riding distances, passes, and at altitude, or you are a flatlander, don't delude yourself, some training is required.




*Minnesota*Wisconsin*Arizona*California Routes

Bicycle routes for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, and California. I've included some of my favorite routes on this page that I use for training and touring. For trining, I try to seek out hill on many of these and, if hills are lacking, I try to get distance. Routes like Rockford Round-up in MN are good early season rides as hills are moderate and milage is manageable. Also, because a lot of tis ride is in the open, the roads are clear of snow and ice early in the spring. The heart attack ride is a great WI ride with close to 4000 feet of climbing. The Arizona routes are the result of mid-winter breaks for teh last couple of years. At this time, the number of routes are not extensive, but I will add routes as I have time.


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