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Fact Table:

Location Central
High point 14,073
Max Grade 15.8%
Arv Rt Grade 7%
Dist to High pt 18.25 Miles
Elev Gain 6,668
Rating Extreme
Access City Cascade, CO



Ride Tips:

  • REVIEW this website before you go. Cycling Pikes Peak Highway
  • Do not ride this alone. Ride with a companion or chase car.
  • Don't party the night before- Alcohol dehydrates you.
  • If you are on midications, check with your doc before you do this.
  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, Sunscreen
  • Don't try this trip the day after you arrive from sea level.



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Pikes Peak Highway:

WARNING: This is a big climb, there is a lot of road traffic, and standing/resting on the road shoulders is discouraged by the park rangers. Review the park website- Cycling Pikes Peak Highway before you go.

My map and route is based on the park entrance. It's a longer trip than the Cycling Pikes Peak Highway route suggests. There is no parking available at the entrance, so you will need to either be dropped off or park lower down if you want to travel the entire route. Otherwise, drive to the Crystal Reservoir Visitors Center and start your ride there.

There is one thing I disagree with in the Cycling Pikes Peak Highway website. They correctly suggest that you be accustomed to Colorado's high altitude before you ride. They indicate that for low/flatlanders, it takes three to four days to adjust. That's baloney! After three or four days, you may be better able to tolerate the lack of oxygen over 12,000 feet... but don't be fooled... Over 12,000 feet, not even those of us who live here are aclimated to those altitudes. After a few days here, with proper hydration, 7,000 to 10,000 feet should not be awful. Ten thousand to 12,000 will be strenuous, especially since that range includes the steepest climbs. Twelve thousand to 13,000, will be hard. Thirteen thousand to the summit will feel like your bike weighs a hundred pounds and you are pulling a tank behind you. I'm not trying to talk you out of this, I just want you to know what to expect. The same advice goes for Mt Evans riders.

Crystal Reservoir is about 12.5 miles below the summit. The visitor center has snacks and rest rooms.


Alternate Routes:

There are no alternative routes: One way up, the same way down.