Fact Table:

Location West Central WI
High point 1150 ft
Max Grade 18%
Route Distance 60 mi
Elev Gain 2750 ft
Rating Difficult due to steep hills
Access City Knapp, WI



Ride Notes:

Hills steepr than profile shows

No stores or services on route al all. Need to detour to Watson (Mile 27) or Menomonie (Mile 39.5)

Complicated route, watch for frequent turns

Very rural- Cell phones may not work

Do take the short warm-up lap around Knapp (maybe even twice) to get legs warned up- First climb starts after turn onto 3rd/17th and it is steep.

Download GPS coord. from Mapmyride.com to avoid getting lost.


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This is a very scenic very rolling ride over the moraines surrounding Menomonie, WI.  Starting in the tiny town of  Knapp, WI (Exit 32 on Interstate 94), it’s an easy escape and fairly short drive from the Twin Cities and a very very fun ride.  It offers close to 3000 feet of climbing on a 60 mile route and some short leg burning climbs (12% to 18% grades) and some fast descents on mostly rural low traffic roads (WI 29 is the only real higher traffic road and you are not on that long at all… and it’s not much traffic either) .  There are several opportunities for shortcuts if you wanted to do fewer miles.

The above profile does not do justice to some of the climbs.  The first two climbs out of Knapp have small segments in the 14% to 18% range.  The one mile climb on 238th tops out with a segment at 16%.  The climb on 430th is another 18% climb for a couple hundred feet.  The downhill on 350th hits a breathtaking 20%.  Most climbs are in the half mile to one mile length and the steep parts are interspersed throughout.  Bottom-line, it’s a fun roller coaster day.

Knapp is small,  It has one central park on Hwy 12 and I recommend parking on the west side of the pond.  There are bathrooms, changing areas, and fresh water  there.  Bring food and water with you as, while on the ride, you will not pass ANY towns or services unless you stop in Watson (there is a bar there) or ride into Menomonie.

0 mi


0.06 mi

Turn left at Park St

0.14 mi

Turn right at Main St

0.57 mi

Take the 1st left onto Central St

0.71 mi

Turn right at 2nd St/Co Rd Q

0.76 mi

Turn right at US-12 E

1.29 mi


Continue past park

1.64 mi

Turn right onto 3rd Ave

1.85 mi

Continue onto 171th St/Jackson Rd

2.69 mi

Continue onto 171st St

3.31 mi

Continue onto 155th St

3.52 mi

Turn right at 160th St

4.99 mi

Turn right at 640th Ave

5.96 mi

Turn left at Co Rd Q

7.43 mi

Take the 1st right onto Co Rd N NOTE: turn is at base of hill, watch speed. Also watch for sand on inside of turn.

10.74 mi

Turn left at 320th St

13.33 mi

Turn left at WI-29

16.29 mi

Turn right at Co Rd Q

17.6 mi

Turn right at Co Rd P

19.34 mi

Take left at Co PP to stay on Co Rd P

22.32 mi

Turn left at 350th Ave. CAUTION: At about mile 24, very steep downhill (10%-12%) with sharp left turn near base. Watch for sand and cars on road.

26.72 mi

Veer left onto 210th St

26.96 mi

Turn right at Co Rd X. (If you need water, the town of Watson is about one mile to left on X)

28.21 mi

Veer left onto Co Rd D

30.67 mi

EASY TO MISS: Take hard left onto 430th Ave. May not be marked. It's the third possible left on Co D and is a touch hidden and is more like a mountian switchback. You immediately start 10% to 14% climb.

31.59 mi

Stay to left on 430th Ave/Gypsy Hill Rd

32.32 mi

Continue onto 470th Ave/Wedam Rd Continue to follow 470th Ave

34.07 mi

Turn left at Co Rd K

34.49 mi

Take the 2nd right onto Co Rd P

37.34 mi

Turn right at 400th St

37.87 mi

Slight left at 490th Ave

38.27 mi

Turn left at 410th St

39.52 mi

Turn left at Co Rd P/Hofland Rd. NOTE- You can continue on 410th for quarter mile to WI 29. A right on 29 will bring you to Menomonie for a rest stop and food. A left on 29 will give you an easy shortcut to 238th. Take a right on 238th to get back to Knapp.

39.86 mi

Slight right at Hofland Rd/Mill Rd

41.15 mi

Continue onto 530th Ave

41.66 mi

Turn right to stay on 530th Ave

42.07 mi

Turn left at 550th Ave

43.48 mi

Turn left at Co Rd K

Note: a right on Co K will bring you to WI 29. Take a left on WI 29 and a right on 238th for a shortcut back to Knapp.

43.71 mi

Take the 1st right onto 530th Ave

44.73 mi

Slight right at 240th to stay on 530th Ave

46.36 mi

EASY TO MISS: Take the 1st left to stay on 530th Ave. 530th turns into 200th. You need to turn left to get back on 530th.

47.65 mi

530th Ave turns right and becomes 150th St. NOTE: Use caution on downhill. Road can be rough and/or have sand on it.

48.76 mi

Turn right at WI-29 E/WI-29 Trunk

51.33 mi

Turn left at 238th St

51.99 mi


Follow road to right to stay on 238th St

52.59 mi

238th St turns into 640th Ave halfway up hill. Hill is in 12% range. The middle section is the steepest.

54.59 mi

Turn right at 160th St.

NOTE: You can avoid the steep but short climb on 700th by staying on 640th to Co Q. Right on Q and follow Q to US 12.

55.83 mi

Take the 1st left onto 700th Ave

57.8 mi

Take the 1st right onto Co Rd Q

59.63 mi

Turn right at US-12 E

60.16 mi

Turn right at Park St