Fact Table:

Location Twin Cities West
High point 1076 ft
Max Grade 8%
Route Distance 46 mi
Elev Gain 900 ft
Rating Easy
Access City Wayzata, MN



Ride Tips:

This is mostly a rural ride, but you will find food and water in Loretto, Rockford, and Corcoran

Watch for traffic on Vicksburg

Watch traffic in Wayzata


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This is a fairly easy training ride I use often in the early season.  It’s not particularly scenic but is close to home and does offer a rural setting and rolling hills.  The official climbing gain is only about 900 feet, but I do suspect it’s a bit more than that as every time on the route my bike computer shows closer to 1500 feet. Also, the profile is way off on climbing grades due to the short lenght of the individual climbs. Expect the short climbs to have 4% to 8% segments. This really is a very rolling route.

The first three quarters of this route are great.  Rural, rolling hills, great roads, good shoulders, and low traffic.  What more could you ask for.  Recent repaving outside of Rockford have left those roads fast and smooth.  The only problem with this route, in doing a loop and in wanting to avoid back tracking, at one point, you have to take a less than perfect road and in this case, it’s Vicksburg.  One of these days I’ll find a better way back, but until then, Vicksburg is it.  Just be careful comingling with the cars… it’s not that bad.

0 mi

Start anywhere in downtown Wayzata

0.45 mi

Turn right at Ferndale Rd S

2.05 mi

Turn left at 6th Ave N/Co Rd 6

2.59 mi

Take the 1st right onto Hunter Dr

3.76 mi

Turn left at Co Rd 24

8.87 mi

Turn right at Co Rd 19

10.86 mi

Turn left at Co Rd 11

17.3 mi

Turn right at Co Line Rd/Co Rd 139

17.8 mi

Co Line Rd/Co Rd 139 turns slightly right and becomes Co Rd 50

20.91 mi

Slight right to stay on Co Rd 50/Rebecca Park Trail

30.38 mi

Turn right at Co Rd 116/Fletcher Ln

32.32 mi

Take the 2nd left onto 62nd Ave N/Hackamore Rd. Turn into Co 47

35.41 mi

Turn right at Vicksburg Ln N NOTE: Vicksburg can be high traffic. This is not my favorite part of the route but is needed to make this a loop and to get back to Wayzata.

40.21 mi

Turn left at Co Rd 6

40.4 mi

Turn right at Shenandoah Ln N

40.95 mi

Continue onto 9th Ave N

41.09 mi

Turn right at Niagara Ln N

41.76 mi

Continue onto Parkers Lake Rd

42.11 mi

Take the 1st left onto 12 Oaks Center Dr. Note: Watch for speed bumps and follow route carefully so you don't make wrong turns getting over 12.

42.2 mi

Take the 1st right onto Carlson Pkwy S

42.46 mi

Continue onto Wayzata Blvd

43.15 mi

Take the 2nd left onto Crosby Rd

43.96 mi

Take the 1st right to stay on Crosby Rd

43.98 mi

Turn right at McGinty Rd W

44.79 mi

Turn right at Bushaway Rd/Co Rd 101

44.8 mi

Take the 1st left onto Shady Ln

45.22 mi

Take the 1st right onto E Circle Dr/Co Rd 16

45.28 mi

Turn left at Co Rd 16/Lake St E