Fact Table:

Location East Central MN and West Central WI
High point 1129 ft
Max Grade 14%
Route Distance 69 Miles
Elev Gain 1500 ft
Rating Moderate
Access City Stillwater, MN



Ride Tips:

Watch for traffic in Stillwater, Taylor Falls and Lindstrom.

Watch downhill speeds as there may be sand on the roads


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This route incorporates the great town of Stillwater and it’s Mrytle Hill, Scandia, Taylor Falls, and a small jaunt into Wisconsin.  For the most part, it is a low traffic high scenery route.  This route uses a number of hilly MN back roads on the outbound leg.  The worst traffic will be on Lake Blvd from Lindstrom to Taylor Falls (especially if you do this ride during the fall color season) and in Stillwater.  The traffic on 95 is actually quite light approaching Marine on St Croix and then you are back on side streets into Stillwater.

This hill is full of rollers and includes a few great climbs, particularly Mrytle Hill (12%), the climb into WI out of Taylor Falls (7% max), the climb out of Osceola (12% max), the climb approaching the Scandia area (from Osceola) (8% max), and a great  climb on County 7 coming off 95 (14% max). I usually hit this route early in the spring and again in the fall color season.  Taylor Falls is a great place to stop for a burger and root beer float in addition to the enjoying the scenery. Scandia and Lindstrom are nice towns to stop in for breaks (and the sandwich shop in Scandia at Olinda and Oakhill across from the church still offers small town prices for sandwhiches).

The start of this ride is in Stillwater on the St Croix river.  Watch where you park and Stillwater has reduced the parking times in many of its free lots to only two or three hours.

0 mi

Start- NOTE, whatch where you park in Stillwater. Many lots only allow 2-3 hour parking. You may also want to ride along the riverfront to warm up as Myrtle Hill is steep

0.08 mi

Take the 1st right onto Myrtle St

0.88 mi

Take the 2nd right onto Owens St

1.84 mi

Continue onto Co Rd 5/Stone Ridge Trail N Continue to follow Co Rd 5

2.61 mi

Continue onto Norell Ave

6.93 mi

Turn right at Square Lake Trail

7.5 mi

Take the 1st left onto Co Rd 55/Norell Ave

11.19 mi

Turn right at 170th St

11.61 mi

Turn left at Co Rd 3/Olinda Trail

26.38 mi

Turn right at Lake Blvd/US-8

37 mi

Take the WI-35 S ramp to Hudson


37.28 mi

Turn right at St Rd 35/WI-35 S Continue to follow WI-35

45.15 mi

Turn right at Osceola Rd

46.67 mi

Turn left at MN-95 S/St Croix Trail

57.23 mi

Turn right at Nason Hill Rd

58.81 mi

Turn left at Co Rd 7/Paul Ave

60.33 mi

Take the 3rd right onto Square Lake Trail

62.17 mi

Turn left at Otchipwe Ave

66.6 mi

Continue onto Co Rd 11/Fairy Falls Rd

67.13 mi

Turn right at Boone Rd/Dellwood Rd

67.38 mi

Turn left at Dellwood Rd

67.45 mi

Take the 1st right onto Main St N/St Croix Trail

68.63 mi

Turn left at Mulberry St

68.7 mi

Take the 3rd right to stay on Mulberry St to the parking area lot