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Pass Summaries

Here is basic Information on passes which I have not yet completed full summaries:

Cameroon Pass

Location Front Range North
High point 10276 ft
Max Grade 6% Fort Collins side, 5% Gould side
Arv Rt Grade 3.6% east, 2.8% west
Dist to High pt 12 mi from Fort C., 9 mi from Gould
Elev Gain 2250 ft fr Ft. C., 1350 ft fr Gould
Rating Moderate fr Ft. C., Easy fr Gould
Access City Fort Collins, Gould

Hardscrabble Pass

Location Front Range South
High point 9085 ft
Max Grade 6% Westcliff Side, 9% Wetmore side
Arv Rt Grade 2.3% Westcliff, 3.6% Wetmore
Dist to High pt 10 mi fr Westcliff, 16 mi fr Wetmore
Elev Gain 1200 ft fr Westcliff, 3000 ft fr Wetmore
Rating Easy from Westcliff. Moderate from Wetmore
Access City Westcliff and Wetmore

Kenosha/Red Hill Passes

Location Front Range South
High point 10030 ft
Max Grade 6.5% Baily side, 5% Fairplay side
Arv Rt Grade Roughly 2% both sides
Dist to High pt 4 mi from Fairplay, 34 mi from Baily
Elev Gain 450 ft from Fairplay, 3600 ft from Baily
Rating Easy from Fairplay, Moderate from Baily
Access City Fairplay and Baily

Poncha Pass

Location South Central
High point 9019 ft
Max Grade 7% Poncha Springs side, 6% Villa Grove side
Arv Rt Grade 3.9% from Poncha Springs, 1.4% from Villa Grove
Dist to High pt 7.5 mi from Poncha Springs, 14 mi from Villa Grove
Elev Gain 1550 ft from Poncha Springs, 1050 ft from Villa Grove
Rating Easy
Access City Poncha Springs, Villa Grove

North Pass

Location South Central
High point 10149 ft
Max Grade 7.5% fr Gunnison, 7% fr Saguache
Arv Rt Grade 1.8% fr Gunnison, 1.9% fr Saguache
Dist to High pt 39.5 mi from Gunnison, 30 mi fr Saguache
Elev Gain 3800 ft from Gunnison, 3000 ft from Saguache
Rating Moderate
Access City Gunnison, Saguache

North La Veta, Cucharas Passes

Location Southern
High point 9941 ft
Max Grade 7.5% La Veta side, 8% North Lake side
Arv Rt Grade Rouoghly 3%
Dist to High pt 17 mi fr La Veta, 20 mi fr Fort Garland
Elev Gain 2900 ft from La Veta, 1550 ft from Fort Garland
Rating Easy to Modarate
Access City La Veta, Fort Garland, North Lake