Fact Table:

Location Phoenix East
High point 2854 ft
Max Grade 8%
Route Distance 46 mi
Elev Gain 3000 ft
Rating Difficult
Access City Apache Junction, AZ

Ride Tips:

A stream passes over the road at Tortilla Flat (Mile 18). Do not cross if there is a lot of water flowing over road

Bring water and food. The only service is at Tortilla Flat

Unlike the name, this is not a FLAT ride. It has long steep climbs

Bring camera

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This is my all time Phoenix favorite route.  Not too long and filled with scenery.  Again, this route was set up by the Twin Cities Bicycle Club for their now annual winter ride in Phoenix.  If you avoid the weekend, this is a very low traffic ride once past the Flying Dutchman area.  The scenery is spectacular, the road is twisting and turning, and, in some places the road is steep.  This is a fantastic winter, spring, and fall ride.  It would be awful hot in the summer.  Please note, Tortilla Flat is at mile 18.  A stream passes over the road at this point.  If there is more than a bit of water running over the road, do not attempt to cross, turn around at that point instead.

0 mi

Start:  Mall at 350 Apache Trail
Apache Junction, AZ

0.11 mi

Turn right at S Phelps Dr

0.25 mi

Continue onto N Apache Trail

0.62 mi

Slight left at N Idaho Rd

1.85 mi

Take the 1st right onto E Lost Dutchman Blvd

3.29 mi

Slight left at N Apache Trail

23.25 mi

Pavement ends about mile 23.  Turn around

45.4 mi

Slight left at N Idaho Rd

45.79 mi

Continue onto S Phelps Dr

45.9 mi

Turn right at S Phelps Dr

45.93 mi

Take the 1st right