Fact Table:

Location Northern CA coast
High point 466 ft
Max Grade 5%
Route Distance 50 mi
Elev Gain 1750 ft
Rating Moderate
Access City Eureka or Weott CA



Ride Tips:

Use caution, Short segments of ride are on US 101

Traffic can be heavy near Eureka

Once outside of Eureka, make sure you have food and water


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A 50 mile day from Eureka, CA to Weott, CA through the start of Humboldt Redwoods State Park. This ride takes you from the pleasant sea side city of Eureka to the famed Avenue of the Redwoods in the state park.

The first 25 miles take you away from the ocean on a fairly flat farm plain, but around mile 30, you are plunged into a forested paradise among the giant redwoods. The ride, outside of Eureka is rural and fun. The roads become hillier as the day moves on.

0 mi


0.23 mi

Slight right to stay on W Hawthorne St

0.3 mi

Take the 1st left onto Fairfield St

0.95 mi

Continue onto Glen St

1.46 mi

Turn left at Allard Ave

1.52 mi

Take the 1st right onto Little Fairfield St

1.99 mi

Continue straight onto Bingen Ave

2.02 mi

Continue straight onto Lewis Ave

2.12 mi

Lewis Ave turns left and becomes Alpha St

2.27 mi

Turn right at Meyers Ave

2.59 mi

Take the 1st right onto Eureka St

2.75 mi

Eureka St turns left and becomes Vance St

2.99 mi

Turn left at Herrick Ave

3.69 mi

Continue onto Pound Rd

3.79 mi

Turn left to merge onto US-101 S

7.56 mi

Take exit 698 for Tompkins Hill Rd toward College of the Redwoods

8.01 mi

Turn right at Tompkins Hill Rd

10.62 mi

Take the 1st right onto Hookton Rd

10.75 mi

Take the 1st right toward Eel River Dr

11 mi

Continue straight onto Eel River Dr

13.64 mi

Take the 3rd left onto Loleta Dr

15.43 mi

Take the 2nd right onto Fernbridge Dr/Singley Rd

15.94 mi

Take the 1st right onto CA-211 S

16.74 mi

Take the 2nd left toward Substation Rd

16.78 mi

Turn right at Substation Rd

17.33 mi

Continue onto Waddington Rd

20.03 mi

Take the 1st left onto Grizzly Bluff Rd

21.67 mi

Turn right to stay on Grizzly Bluff Rd

22.11 mi

Take the 1st left to stay on Grizzly Bluff Rd

23.38 mi

Continue onto Blue Slide Rd

27.65 mi

Continue onto Belleview Ave

28.76 mi

Turn right at Wildwood Ave

29.69 mi

Slight right at W Bridge St

29.71 mi

Continue onto CA-283 S/Eagle Prairie Bridge Continue to follow CA-283 S

30.01 mi

Take the 1st left onto CA-283 S

30.03 mi

Turn right to merge onto Redwood Hwy/US-101 S

35.59 mi

Take the exit toward CA-254 S/Jordan Rd/Ave of the Giants

35.77 mi

Turn left at CA-254 S/Jordan Rd/Ave of the Giants Continue to follow CA-254 S/Ave of the Giants

49.21 mi

Turn right at Newton Rd

49.7 mi

Turn left at Spring St

49.85 mi

Turn right at Madrone Rd

49.87 mi

Take the 1st left onto Spring St