Fact Table:

Location Northern CA coast
High point 397 ft
Max Grade 6%
Route Distance 44 mi
Elev Gain 1600 ft
Rating Moderate
Access City Fort Brag or Point Arena

Ride Tips:

Remote ride. Not too many services between towns. Carry water and food

Bring Camera


Coastal communities, bays, farming, and rollers.  This is a short day, only 44 miles, but it does have it’s share of climbing.  Most of the day will be up or down, there is very little flat here.  We even through in a few turns reminiscent of a switchback around mile 29.   This will be a very pretty day as we work out way south.  A lot of the ride is on the coast, but a good part will also be inland a mile or so. The route directions could not be more clear.

Head south on CA 1 all day.
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