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Fact Table:

Location Northern CA coast
High point 2018 ft
Max Grade 10%
Route Distance 44 mi
Elev Gain 2400 ft
Rating Moderate
Access City Legget or Fort Brag CA

Ride Tips:

Much of the ride is remote. Bring water and food, especially for first climb

Take your time on the first climb. There's no reason to rush

Bring a camera

Watch for traffic

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Legget to Fort Bragg Profile


What a neat day.  Transition from the redwood forests to the coast.  It doesn’t get prettier or more dramatic.  This is also a day that has something for everyone.  For those that like to climb long steep hills, ther is a four mile climb that approaches 10% at one point.  For those that like screaming downhills, how about a ten mile downhill race.  Forests?  The first 20 miles.  Ocean? The next 20 miles.  Flat land? How about an easy 20+ miles.  You leave the redwoods behind and now feel the salt spray of the ocean.  A perfect and beautiful day.  I’d rate it easy if it were not for the long steep start of the day climb and a shorter but steep climb at mile 18.  Have fun and enjoy the day. HWY 1, PCH, here we come! Oh, and watch out for the incredibly complex route instructions (not).

Starting in Leggett? It's a small town, you can pick up the route anywhere. In Fort Brag, the route is from the center of town.

0 mi



0.11 mi


Turn left at CA-271 N

0.45 mi


Turn left at CA-1 S

27.96 mi


Turn left at CA-1 S/Shoreline Hwy

43.76 mi


Turn left at E Alder St